Welcome to Bucket Trellis

Welcome to Bucket Trellis

The Bucket Trellis

Adaptable and Versatile

The Bucket Trellis (Patent Pending) is designed to fit upon standard 3.5, 5 and 7 gallon buckets and then adapted to fit even the most challenging spaces.  It can be freestanding or even hung from a patio awning, allowing gardening for Urban dwellers.  The bamboo/stake holders may be adjusted to 270 degrees allowing many space saving and adapting configurations.  

Designed to Increase Garden Success

When garden netting is attached to the trellises supportive bamboo/stakes, your bucket is transformed into a virtual fruit factory.

  • Trellis supports bamboo/stakes above the soil so fragile roots are not damaged as with soil penetrating stakes.
  • Water is conserved and targeted.  Watering in a bucket (container) eliminates saturating unproductive surrounding soil and runoff.
  • Supported plants focus more energy building larger fruits and flowers than unsupported plants.   This is because the plants energy is focused on fruit and flower development rather than stems and branches (supportive tissue) that hold them.
  • Spreading the plants foliage allows greater whole plant lumen reception (photosynthesis) and aids in fruit development.
  • Spreading the plant also exchanges more CO2 enriched air around the plant while minimizing mold and mildew dangers.

Healthier Plants

  • Elevation of plant acts as barrier to hungry varmints.
  • Root Rot is significantly reduced as roots are not damaged or cut like most other trellises.
  • Cross contamination from reusing diseased/infected soil penetrating stakes is eliminated.
  • Plants are off the ground eliminating ground rot.

Additional Benefits

  • Use with soil or hydroponic systems.  Adding a net pot to the trellis allows safe and easy removal of even mature plants.  This makes cleaning of hydroponic systems easier.
  • Mobility-Plants are unlocked and may be easily turned and moved. Great for Square Foot garden strategies.
  • Accessibility- Elevated plants are easier to care for by the elderly, young and physically impaired.
  • No back breaking tilling or weeding.
  • Conserves Water-the Bucket Trellis smartly shades a portion of the soil in the bucket slowing evaporation from direct sunlight (heat) and wind.
  • Reduces dry pockets-ground penetrating stakes sway in the wind and  "waddle"  adjacent soil.  The adjoining soil becomes packed and hardens and does not readily absorb water as looser soils do.  Also the void around the stake harbors insects and other pathogens right in the middle of the root mass.

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